picture of max - creator of sand and salt escapes

Hi, I'm Max.

After almost a decade in consulting, I was totally burnt out. The long hours, back-to-back-to-back meetings, and high stress took a heavy toll on

my physical and mental health.


To help untangle my brain, my wife and I took a

month-long surf and yoga trip to Costa Rica. It

was an incredible experience, providing the space to disconnect from work, reconnect with myself, and experience joy in a way I hadn’t in a long time.

As soon as we returned, I was inspired to create this type of experience for others. I left behind the familiar and transitioned careers, starting Sand & Salt Escapes to help others reconnect with themselves through exercise and mindfulness.

Sand & Salt Escapes isn't just for people who feel burnt out; it's for people who are looking to grow and discover more about themselves and life.


Our Values

We have four core values that are at the center of everything we do. From the partners we work with to the way we operate the business to the people who attend our retreats, we hold these values close to our hearts.


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The world is complicated. We're always striving to remove the noise and focus on what really matters.

What makes us unique should be celebrated. We look for people who

"add" to what we're creating - not people who "fit in".


There's so much to explore within ourselves, others, and the world. We grow when we're open to new experiences.


Bring all of yourself. All your weirdness, all your ups and downs, all your heart - it's all welcome here.


Sand and Salt Escapes wouldn't exist without our incredible partners.

Here are some of our current partners who make what we do special. 

Our Partners

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photo of Morgan who is head of creative


Head of Creative

Morgan is our rockstar designer. Any asset you see from Sand & Salt Escapes is Morgan's brainchild. With a handful of agency & in-house positions, she has almost a decade of design experience working with brands as big as Pepsi alongside local businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina.  With a shared passion for fitness, yoga & holistic wellness, Morgan has been an integral part in bringing the vision of Sand & Salt to fruition.

Jon - human performance expert


Human Performance Expert

Jon Mangogna started his journey into functional fitness at the early age of 5, in the form of the Japanese Martial Art of Judo. HIs passions are surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and anything involving high energy, excitement, challenge, and balance. Jon’s home base is Nosara, but still travels the world learning, teaching, working, and playing in the world of movement and physical therapy. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Foundation Training Instructor, Certified TRX Coach, and with continuous guidance from pioneering  practitioners in the field of wellness, Jon is ready for anything: from your normal sweat sessions and sports performance, all the way to physical therapy, rehabilitation, and brain balancing.

Natalie Adele - yoga instrutor


Wellness Guide & Yoga Instructor

Natalie is an experienced wellness guide + space holder who fuses Eastern and Western philosophies. With 10 years of experience as a Nurse in the medical field, she’s adapted an integrated way of blending science with the sacred. Living in the Blue Zone jungles of Costa Rica as an embodiment guide, Natalie teaches clients how to return home to their bodies so they can live their most magnetic life. Natalie has an immense passion for serving Digital Nomads and loves offering ancient technologies such as breath, movement, and lifestyle hacks to get her clients more embodied.

Tommy - surf instructor


Surf Instructor

Although born in Kenya, Tommy learned to surf while washing wetsuits at a surf school in North Cornwall, UK. What started as a summer job evolved into a lifelong passion which enabled him to travel the world coaching surfing and guiding tours. After five years in Costa Rica, Tommy realized that this is where he wanted to live and his life. Tommy started Ten Toes Surf in Nosara to create a technical surf coaching center where you can learn to surf in a step-by-step way. Ten Toes surf uses a range of techniques including in-water coaching, video analysis, water safety, and exercises to develop technique and mobility. Whatever your age, experience and level of ability, Ten Toes Surf will design a program to improve your surfing and enhance your enjoyment of the waves. We will have fun doing it as well!

Tao - art instructor


Art Instructor

Tao is an artist in Nosara with an incredible passion for creating. This passion led him to founding IMOX, a multidisciplinary art collective. At IMOX, they believe that the inner artistic kid that we once were is still present in our adult life. They want to get this character out and let this primordial being help us to unwind the tensions of the busy world we live. IMOX creates art learning experiences for every level of expertise using different mediums including painting, sketch, clay modeling, and sculpture.

A note from Max

I know what it’s like to work long days, late nights, and weekends. I’ve felt the pressure and stress to constantly perform when all you want to do is step back and rest.


Every element of our retreats is curated to help you take a step back from the hustle of your day-to-day. We take care of every detail, from airport transfers to chef-prepared meals to invigorating workouts and unique mindfulness activities. We deliver a week that will create space for you to focus on what’s most important – you.

I can't wait to meet and learn about you.